Q.: Are the prostate cancer screenings the day of the event free?

A.: Yes.  PSA screenings are free to any man 40 years-of-age and older who has not had prostate surgery or prostate cancer.

Q.: When and where are the PSA screenings and how is it done?

A.: The PSA screenings are offered from 10:00AM to 2:00PM on Sixth Street between Houston and Main Streets and are a simple finger stick only.

Q.: What is a PSA?

A.: PSA is a blood test measuring the Prostate Specific Antigen only produced by the prostate.  If a man has a normal PSA level (less than 4.0 ng/ml) then his risk of having prostate cancer at the time of the screening is low.  Doing a screening with PSA provides information to men about their prostate health and empowers them to seek medical care if there is anything of concern in the test results.  All men tested the day of the event are sent a confidential letter with their results within a few weeks of the screening.

Q.: Are the prostate cancer screenings confidential?

A.: Yes.  If a man requires follow-up he will contacted directly and confidentially.

Q.: Are event T-shirts available and what do they cost?

A.: Yes.  They are available at the T-shirt booth next to Registration at 7th and Main Streets.  $20.00

Q.: Do you host other events or car shows?

A.: The car show is our biggest benefit event.  We will have future events later this year and next.  Please check out website and facebook regularly to stay up-to-date.

Q.: How can I get involved?

A.: Review the website using the buttons above to learn and contact us about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.

Q.: How much of my registration and/or donation goes to your beneficiaries?

A.: Since there is no paid staff, all net proceeds from the event will be divided among our beneficiaries: Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Prostate Cancer Resource Center, UNT Health Science Center, and Fort Worth AYA Oncology Coalition.